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I'm Haru. they/them pronouns. Lethal League, Steven Universe, and Warframe are my faves but I like different things at different times.


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I love amab nonbinary people! No matter what being nonbinary means to you, you belong in this community no matter what 💖

Inktober Day 13: Glitch

Welp, being an american I can't really do much so I hope this helps and if not, at the very least I hope y'all enjoy it because I'm really happy with how it turned out,

get ur organic, homegrown galaxies here

naughty baby gets fur in my computer

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Sweet dreams are made of this.

Who am I to disagree?

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A sorta OK KO Style Ref of my friend Nick's Oc Slush!

This chill guy is a Hero who has tasked himself with the duty of containing and protecting glorbs! And is more than equipped to do so! He comes with his own PowCard ( featuring my oc C.U.E.) and a turbo form!

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no im affab

assigned funky fresh at birth

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"are you a boy or a girl" actually i drank 19 gender change potions in a row and then passed out and when i woke up my gender was gone.

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Haworthia cooperi

© Abu Shawka, CC0 1.0 public domain

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It's okay to make art for yourself

You don't have to making a living off of it, much less sell a single work

You don't have to post it online for the world to see

You don't have to show your mom no matter how much she insists

It can stay in your sketch book, in your program files, in your room where no one else will see it

Your art doesn't have to be available to other people for it to be worth creating

OC Sketches

A compilation of some OC Sketches. Most of my OCs are either dolls or object heads, haha.

-Please do not repost my art-

a little hero to protect your blog

Quick whiteboard doodle,,,,, I was recording a speedpaint, only to realize the camera app thing wasn’t turned on o(-( UGH

So anyway here’s a Shigeo and a Dimple lol

Cat Napping by Clare Turlay Newberry

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just a baby......

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rat r baby

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Don’t ever be afraid to show your feminine side, it does not make you weak. It makes you feel beautiful

Sssh they sleeping