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I'm Haru. they/them pronouns. Lethal League, Steven Universe, and Warframe are my faves but I like different things at different times.


1: Thinkin about making Nein an orc. I think I subconsciously based her appearance a little bit on Gobbet from SR:HK from the start so fuck it why not lean into it

2: June, my third ex-Legacy boy who I posted like once last summer and then never did anything with because I haven’t figured out how to slot him into the (loose) plot yet. Changed him to be an elf cuz I need to vary my metatypes more and idk if his hair is quite right yet (I re-drew it so many times) but I like this for now. He shows up some time after Nein and Aubrey are reunited and he would have to be the one to approach Aubrey bc she straight up would not recognise him at all. He’s the same age as her so they last saw each other when they were 17 and since then he’s been on T and had all of his C&C cyberware removed/replaced with more inconspicuous pieces so the only major giveaway is the eye scar

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